This is a success story of a couple that wanted to avoid medical induction and endless waiting. If you believe that there is a way to induce labor naturally you are right. How To Induce Labor Naturally And Safe is not our secret, it is our experience.

Princess Diana had to induce labor too!

My wife heard about that in some broadcast about Lady D, on a History channel a few days before she delivered and that relaxed her a little, cause she always loved Princess. Sania, my wife, was born three weeks earlier than predicted by doctors, which caused bumpy car ride through the Bosnia Mountains, because her mother and father decided to visit her grandparents that lived in the mountains of Bosnia, Balkan. That was past, and now she was heading against the same puzzle, how to induce labor.


There is a lot better way to help about how to induce labor than bumpy car rides, or even most ridiculous squats, when your belly is big as mountain...

Every single day, approximately about 500 pregnant women die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Statistics are scary, you can read more at WHO site. Educate yourself how to bring on labor, consult your doctor and midwife all the time, but don't ever take the way you're feeling for granted. The worst thing you can do is sit and worry. People mention sex as one of the ways to trigger the labor. We have a lot of sex, since my wife finds it amusing as usual...though I have to be very gentle. Nipple stimulation was on the menu, two times more than usual, since it's said to be helpful, the same way as sex. No results…Sex is said that it should help by releasing the oxytocin, hormone that helps by causing the uterus to contract. What is also important, they say, is that sperm contains prostaglandin, hormone that helps by softening the cervix.

One of the studies from Ohio State University Medical Center claims that sex during pregnancy does NOT trigger labor. 93 women participated in research. Approximately half of them reported that they were having sex during the last couple of pregnancy weeks. Researchers did the cervical examination in order to conclude if having sex helps softening the cervix. They find no connection between the frequency of having sex during the last weeks of pregnancy and the cervix measurement. Ours case too, I believe.

We always eat spicy food with a lot of curry, chilly etc…raspberry tea and pineapple also. Those were also recommended tips, but - no effect.We’ve both read a lot about acupressure techniques from the internet, and my wife sister tried to convey us that it is absolutely safe for both baby and mum.

When we entered the magic week 40, my wife finally decided to give it chance.

No, the reason was not the week 40, per se.

No, the ultimate cause was not the pain and fear.

No, the ultimate reason was not even avoiding medical induction.

The reason for her to decide to try acupressure to go into labor was something that happened to me a few years ago. I spent four long months in bed and regular medicine could nothing about it. I had herniation of two intervertebral disks. I went from one doctor to another, attended all different treatments, ultrasound, electrical current, exercises and nothing. Two different persons told me about this famous man that knows the secrets of acupressure and that helped many celebrities, even football teams. I was still stubborn, and relied on regular medicine. I was so wrong. My first neighbor, the girl next door said, that he helped her so much. I was still stubborn and stupid. I thought, medical treatments are going to help me. I repeated that as a mantra everyday. And continued to go to treatments. I tried to convince myself that I am moving forward, although I was still in bed. And then, something happened, maybe I made bad move and I was pushed back, felt pains more than month before. Should I say, I was still stubborn...And then, when my godfather's wife told me again about the same man, something just snapped. I went to him, once in every week, acupressure treatment lasted 15 minutes. He gently pushed his thumbs at appropriate spots on my back, and that was all!!! After two weeks, I was so much better, and after one month, it was almost like nothing bad happened ever to my spine. From that just had to practice and make my muscles stronger, because I spent five months in bed.

You know how some people say, "Who knows what is good and what is bad?"

Well, if I wasn't happen to had that experience, I don't know if my wife would decide to try acupressure to induce labor.

So, let me say the final word about acupressure and pregnancy.


How to induce labor finally...and, most importantly, help yourself, naturally!

I don't want to waste time, to talk about acupressure facts that you can read in wikipedia. We were guided by the fact that acupressure was used hundreds of years in favor of triggering the labor easily. The essence of using acupressure in this purpose was just to help the body to work better in a natural way. We were amazed that there is actually scientific proof that acupressure triggers labor in more than 80% cases and also shortens delivery time.

Most important thing was that maternity acupressure instructions were so easy to follow.

It was Sunday morning and I applied everything we read the day before from the book, step by step, gently, to her body. She wanted us to try it after light breakfast. It was marvelous. She felt totally relaxed and excited and almost melted in my arms... It was almost like foreplay, she wanted me to continue caressing her after that, and said that she actually enjoyed everything we did. The very same evening contractions have begun, and we called our good friend, who is gynecologist to help us. Everything was over at 3 a.m. and our first daughter Andrea, was born! We cannot be one hundred percent certain that labor was solely induced by applying acupressure techniques and not the rest of the things we tried before, but, we are nevertheless, satisfied. We saw on the internet that we are not the only one with this kind of experience… However, we’ve just wanted to try everything that is helpful and above all, safe. Baby’s position was the best possible, and Andrea was born quickly and safely, to our great joy and happiness.

We owe so much gratitude to Dr. Lena Leino, for writing the book Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth, which we found out very easy to understand and follow. How to start labor secret is pretty much revealed, thanks to you.